Inside the design of each flower hides clues to bring us closer to finding the secrets of living a meaningful life.  It is the signature of the Creator of beauty and love, of divine imagination and creativity, of changing seasons and new beginnings, of abundance, love, true happiness and joy.

When you’re Living Your Dream

Choose to live a life filled with grace and joy and all that is eternally beautiful. Saying yes to all the graces offered every day is the essence of it all.   When are you living your dream, really living your heart’s desire? I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Reading countless blog … Continue Reading

Share the Excitement

Mobile Photography & Art Flickr Showcase – 19 March 2017 One of the many things that keep me inspired and motivated to keep on creating pieces of art and to share my art with others, is when my work is recognized and supported by other artists. Please share my excitement on being included in this … Continue Reading

The Giant Within

” I believe that you and I – and everyone we’ll ever meet – has the inborn capacity to be heroic, to take daring, courageous, and noble steps to make life better for others, even when in the short term it seems to be at our own expense. The capacity to do the right thing, … Continue Reading

A Thank You Note

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I started out with my blog using a free host (, like most of us probably do, playing around with widgets and themes, but I didn’t quite find the look I was trying to create. Then a surprise contact email from Elena from Blogerize opened a whole new world for … Continue Reading

The Rose of the Desert

You are called echeveria by those who know important things. To me, you are the Rose of the Desert, flowering while dust-devils sweep over the parched land. A symbol of flawless purity of those who keep their garments white, walking through life with steps simple, true and straight.

I ask for…

I ask for a moment’s respite to sit by your side. The work I have in hand can wait till afterward. Away from your sight my heart is heavy and restless; my work becomes an endless struggle. But now, at last, it’s time to sit quietly; to indulge in this silent communion. Photo designed and … Continue Reading

I am a child playing on the beach…

I am a child playing on the beach while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me. A collection of images which I took on a beautiful Sunday morning at the beach. I felt inspired to create a series of vintage type images which would capture the beauty and innocence of these children enjoying a … Continue Reading

Smell the Sea

Smell the sea and feel the sky Let your soul and spirit fly For eternity begins and ends with the tides of the ocean … ( A digital painting created by me using various images stacked, layered and blended. Copyrighted )

And they flew…

Fascinating Fragile, but Free….